Character Creation & House rules

Character Creation

30 point buy

all races and classes are allowed

(monsterous races must get DM approval)

Everyone starts at level 1

Evil is ok with me but you must find a possible reason why you would adventure with a party and also not betray them, you must be party friendly  

House rules



Somethings to keep in mind

NPC's want to win as much as you do

Meta gaming is a pet peeve

Using skills or abilities vs another player is frowned upon. No one likes not having a choice in what their character does.  

This is not a MMO, I won't pull punches proper prior planing prevents piss poor performance. 

Make sure you know your character and abilities, if you have a question about a ability or something make sure to bring it up before or after the game not during your turn of combat while everyone is waiting for you to take your turn. 

We are all adults act like it

Always have your next level planned ahead no one wants to wait for you to level up your character

Character Creation & House rules

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